Wow, what a great day for an engagement session we had. The leaves were perfect so the colors were amazing.



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Drew: I am jealous of how beautiful your fall time looks. Those colors are just amazing. Great captures of a handsome couple.

Cliff Marck: What gorgeous light to start off the shoot! I really like your subtle and effective tones and processing for fall colours!

Joe sanfilippo: I love these! awesome textures!!

Toni: I envy all that luscious fall color. Such a great backdrop to a beautiful couple. Great work!

Shyann: Wow! Great session! I really love it... you captured them so beautifully!

William Massey: The posing is really great in these. The love seems so genuine they look like they could be candids!

Gina: Beautiful engagement photographs! Nice choice of venues as well - I love the setting and colors along the country road in the early set and then the evening photos compliment well in a charming historic urban venue. Very nice!

Victor Saidov: Wow! These look stunning! You did amazing job and the photos got classy feel to them! Keep up the great work!

Vida: The light in some of these really sets the warm mood :) great job.

Kat Forsyth: Great lighting and colours in this set! And I second the great posing!

Ben Godkin: The falls colors are amazing. I really love the third shot! Something magical about it.