I got accepted! Yeah!
I am a new member of the AGWPJA. I feel so honored to be listed with some really fabulous photographers. The artistic guild of the wpja is exclusively for photographers who shoot in a photojournalist style and then creatively enhance their images.

Here is a description from their website. *link*

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association [AG]WPJA is comprised of outstanding wedding photographers, who are at the forefront of the wedding photography industry when it comes to enhancing images. The chief objective of the [AG]WPJA is to provide members with a platform where the finest enhanced, manipulated and/or artistic wedding photojournalism in the world is spotlighted and promoted for the bride and groom.

The [AG]WPJA is a separate division of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Whereas the WPJA upholds strict guidelines that forbid excessive picture manipulation, the [AG]WPJA encourages and fosters creative image enhancement, with the vision of promoting Fine Art Wedding Photojournalists.

The [AG]WPJA establishes and upholds high standards that are taken into consideration during the judging process for our wedding photography contests. Using all artistic tools at their disposal, members skillfully enliven their work in post production processing.

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Anonymous: awesome achievement, congrats

Stacey Wight: Melissa - congratulations on being accepted with AGWPJA! It is indeed a great accomplishment!

Hi! I'm Kirsten...: Whoa! Congratulations!! This is a big deal!!

Jim Meyer: That's rockin! Congratulations!

Anonymous: I'm not surprised. Congratulations on an achievement that's well-deserved.

Robin Shoemaker

jess: Congrats! :)