We were going to get answers. This means we are going to have a lot of tests done. I just can’t even describe to you what it is like when they start listing off all of the things they are going to test for. A scary situation becomes even worse. Shannon was so dehydrated that they had a very hard time finding a vein to work with. I wanted to cry because Shannon was crying. Truthfully I lost count of how many times they stuck her. They even used the numbing cream, which Shannon said did not really work. After all of the blood tests, then we progressed to x-rays and CT scans. We spent the entire day at the Dr.’s office and at the hospital. A few days later we heard that her sed. rate was way above normal which is an indication that there was a lot of inflammation in her body. Her pediatrician was forwarding all of the information to specialists at this point. Finally we received a phone call from a pediatric gastroenterologist, and we set up an appointment. From there we only had one more test to do. She would have to have an esophagogastroduodenoscopy and a colonoscopy. Really the worst part of these tests is the preparation. This would confirm the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. He said if you looked in the textbook under Crohn’s then you would see Shannon. She had ulcerations in her entire digestive tract that were worse in the terminal ileum, which they could see on her CT scan.


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